MysysHRMS Highlights

Smart Form Interface

With MysysHRMS, you can easily convert existing paper forms into swift and agile e-forms within minimal interface changes.

The Smart Form technology improves organization productivity and minimises form-processing costs.

This advancement introduces a host of welcoming benefits to any organization:

  • Easy to learn with its paper like interface.
  • High data integrity through pre-filling, and built- in- data-checking rules.
  • Automatic email alerts to expedite form processing.
  • Reduced form processing cost by eliminating secondary data input and data verification.
  • Reduced data-to-information time by eliminating data entry and verification steps from administrative processes.
  • Elimination of paper-form stocking and logistics issues.

Interactive Management Dashboard

Empower your manager with state-of-art information presentation technology. our management information dashboards are highlt interactive and portable to multiple formats of delivery. In adition, the flexibility of MysysHRMS dashboard allows multi-layered, graphical reports to be generated, making it a breeza to present specific information at the click of a mouse.

Why MysysHRMS ?

  • It is designed to support full and semi-online approval, for flexible process implementation.
  • It Provides unlimited levels of approvals, and allows fo multiple action members.
  • It provides email alerts for scheduled reminders, to ensure rapid action from approvers.
  • It supports true point-in-time reporting, always delivering acurate current and backdated reports.
  • It Supports Position ID, which makes it easy for HR staff to mantai the system, in response to constant man power movement.
  • It provides full integration to Smart Forms for easy migration from paper forms to intuitive e-Forms.
  • It integrates with interactive graphical management dashboard, for easy visibility of various HR processes key perfomance indicators.
  • It delivers integrated HR solution through seamless interface with yout existing HR system as well as yout Mysys HRMS system.
  • It user-definable language dictionary is capable of catering to seamless deployment in non-English-Speaking environment.