MysysHRMS Modules

MysysHRMS is a revolutionary HR management system designed to deliver the strategic advantage to your organisation through alignment of your employees’ goals with your organisation goals expressed in business performance indices. It provides an easy and flexible interface to record your HR data with minimum redundancy and effort; ensuring you have quality data to start with. Through its integrated design, it delivers the transparency you need to support effective management for optimum planning, development and deployment of your organization most valuable resource; the people. MysysHRMS products were developed and designed to work together as an integrated solution. The challenges associated with integrating different products are now eliminated.

Employee Management

picture The employee module provides comprehensive record of employee data which includes qualifications, prior employment experiences, career progression, accomplishments, skills, project assignments and disciplinary records. The integrated talent search engine allows the user to instantly match employee data against search criteria from personal, employment, experience, skills, qualification and competencies data. User is able to generate work force, turnover, recruitment, movement and salary analysis. All employee reports are date-sensitive and system allows both accurate point-in-time snap shot reporting.

Leave Management

picture The leave module supports multiple leave entitlement schemes and automates computation of leave entitlement and tracks all leave utilisation, credit and adjustments. Leave eligibility terms can be configured easily and leave days calculations can be defined to exclude non-working days by type of leave. System provides unlimited leave calendar for accurate leave day’s computation.

Benefit Management

picture The benefits module provides unlimited benefit schemes with multiple benefits entitlement per scheme. System automates enrollment of benefit schemes by position ID. Benefits allocation can be defined in various allocation units with different prorate and cutoff methods. It supports unlimited claim types, unlimited claim history and provides powerful analysis of benefit costs. System supports accurate point-in-time benefits cost allocation in cost analysis.

Attendance Management

picture The attendance module supports unlimited shift groups with individual clocking methods, flexi-hours policy and OT entitlement. User can define unlimited shift types each with its own break times and overtime schedule and allowance eligibility. System automates computation of all lost hours, overtime hours as well as attendance related earnings and deductions. In addition, it supports multiple shift patterns, shift groups and tracks overtime variances against planned overtime. Managers can now easily generate analysis of various productive and non productive hours.

Payroll Management

picture The payroll module handles unlimited payroll groups, earnings and deductions with computation formula support. This module delivers date-sensitive payroll calculations for accurate payroll and tax processing and the back pay engine computes differential calculation of all earnings and deduction components to ensure accurate back pay. Wage cost can be distributed across multiple cost centers per employee. User is able to generate comprehensive payroll reconciliation, wage variance analysis, payroll summary, wage history and standard statutory reports.

Perfomance Management

picture The Performance module supports multiple performance groups each with its own performance score ranking formula and bonus, and increment computation tables. This module provides comprehensive staff performance evaluations based on goals and competencies ratings. KPI and competency scores are computed based on user defined weightage and rating points. In addition, a user could perform multiple bonus and increment simulations based on staff performance scores and organisation performance. It provides various analyses of performance scores, increment and bonus.

Staff Development

picture The Staff Development module generates staff development plans based on training needs survey, core training programs, training requests as well as development plans. Training plans can be matched to training calendar to suggest training dates for enrollment. Detailed training cost can be tracked via training class. This module provides various analyses of your training costs, training hours, budget utilisation and training scores.

ManPower Planning

picture The Manpower Planning module automates generation of manpower headcount and cost requirements based on business plans. This module allows the user to perform manpower cost simulations and compute manpower plan-to-actual variances. The built-in organisation chart permits users to graphically present manpower data in a multi-level hierarchy chart. This module provides detailed analysis of staff movements, salaries and headcount changes across user definable periods.

Financial System Interface

picture The System Interface module allows you to generate wage journal file for posting against your general ledger to facilitate a seamless integration to your financial system. This module supports multiple charts of accounts each with its own wage cost distribution rules tables. Journal formats are user definable and bonus provision journal entries can be generated based on user defined formulas. In addition, users are able to setup data import format for data import from spreadsheet or data export to other file formats.

Business Alert

picture This module allows you to automate your company’s employee communications, monitor critical HR functions, and streamline your processes. The software assists the user in acquiring the right information to the right people for quick and timely action and without user intervention. Productivity will be increased by proactively and automatically sending e-mails and reports to the management, HR and payroll administrators, staffs, and applicants.