MysysHRMS E-Modules

Reduce form processing costs and deliver business intelligence from your management centric HR system.

With a touch of intuition, MysysHRMS provides a near-paper e-Forms experience with its state-of-the -art Smart Forms interface. An Integrated Multilevel Workflow system instantly routes e-forms in the organization, according to user-defined rules, to deliver prompt aprovals. The system’s ease-of-use means your staff can configure email alerts for items pending for action,without requiring IT-staff’s intervention.

Meanwhile, the security feature of MysysHRMS ensures that forms are electronically locked after aproval, to prevent futher amendments by unauthorised users, and to maintain high data-integrity throughout the process. Such feature automatically eliminates conventional post data entry verification, thus saving a significant amount of cost and time for your organization.

As HR professionals ourselves, we understand the role of instant and interactive information in facilitating decision-making for effective resource management. With MysysHRMS, employees, supervisors and managers are able to tap on this strength by accessing up-to-date online information, doing away with the conventional hardcopy reports that fall outdated as soon as they are printed.


pictureThis module is ready to turn the administration of your organisation’s day-to-day needs, including news announcement, publication of company activities,updates in company policies and benefits as well as resource administration, into an easy task.


picture With this module, your organisation’s staff will be able to maintain their curricular vitae (CV) data, so that they are up-to-date and can be effectively used to match new job opportunities within the organization. Supervisors and managers can also access staff movement’s action-due information,submit staff confirmation assessments and termination notices in an organized, efficient manner.


pictureThis module provides an online freamwork for managers to assign tasks to staff, and subsequently ,enable the staff to scheadule upcoming tasks through a user-friendly electronic calendar. this module provides an easy consolidated view of both scheduled and unscheduled tasks, while alowing managers to assess the cost, timeliness and quality rating of completed tasks which is intelligently mapped to the staff member’s key performance indicators (KPIs).


picture This module enables online submission of various claims, including that of medical, travelling, mileage and general expenses. Claimed expenses can be allocated to projects to facilitate comprehensive project costing. This allows for easy review for managers to perform online approvals and the viewing of expenses summary by projects.


picture This module enables staff to directly plan and apply leave without involving conventional paper forms. In addition, staff will be able to directly check their leave records and leave balance. This module also enables supervisor and managers to swiftly view staff leave statistics, records and leave plans, as well as to perform online approval of leave applications.


picture This module allows supervisors and managers to submit and approve overtime plan and variances. Individuals can view both overtime schedule and actual records,while managers view overall staff overtime schedule, overtime absenteeism, unauthorized overtimes and statistics for more effective management of overtime costs.


picture This module enables staff to view daily attendance records, and supervisors to plan staff shift roster, rectify attendance exceptions and verify staff attendance records for payroll processing. Managers can further access department attendance performance statistics, for an updated view of the trends on the ground. This module is readily available to integrate with an extensive range of electronic time attendance recorders.


picture With this module, staff will be able to electronically submit their performance plan for approval, and perform online self-assessment. In addition, your organisasion’s top level goals can be linked to business goals, and further cascaded to provide the organisasion with full accountability for goal performance. KPI reviews and competency assessments are made available to staff throughout the year, to aid in further goal tracking. Supervisors and managers can then approve, review and managers can then approve, review and manage staff’s goal plan through direct feedback on the staff`s goal progress against performance targets and deadlines.


picture This module provides staff members with direct views of their training calendar, development plans and training history. At the same time, supervisors and managers can electronically submit staff’s training needs assessment, development plans, as well as pre- and pro-training assessments, to achieve effective execution of performance corrective action plans and tracking of training effectiveness.

e-HR Planning

picture Effective HR management begins with planning. This module facilitates the submission of HR plan and budget for online approval. Budgeting can be inputted either summary level or at job category level. Manpower requests are automatically tracked against planned headcount for variance analysis. Managers are able to perform salary, turnover and movement analysis to help formulate effective staff development, retention and position succession strategies.


picture With this module, managers are able to submit manpower requests for online approval while HR staff can view approved request and match candidates against them. Managers can then shortlist matching candidates for an interview, and update interview outcome. The recruitment process is completely contained within the HR department – from creating job offer and confirming new hire, with an automatic transfer-of-record to the employee database, eliminating duplications in data entry.


picture This module enable staff members to view their pay slip, including a full explanation of payroll calculation details, which spells accountability without consuming valuable HR resources. Managers can view departmental payroll listing and verify specific payroll exceptions –such as new staff, resigning staff and eliminate possible ‘phantom’ employees on the payroll. In addition, with full access to online wage cost information, managers are empowered with essential information to manage departmental wage cost against wage budgets.


pictureSmart Form component allows quick and low cost way of converting paper form mode of data capture to electronic form data capture. Its exact paper format conversion means practically zero training required for end users. In contrast to paper forms, Smart Forms provide form pre filling features and data selection list for fast and accurate form filling. Its online data validation helps to eliminate bad form data from being submitted. Submitted smart forms are routed for online approval which greatly reduces business data capturing costs. In a constant staff turnover environment, this leads to significant savings for the organization.

e-Dashboard Reporting

pictureWith the increasing complex management performance indicators, the spreadsheet reporting is gradually falling short of meeting today’s management reporting needs. Managements today requires highly compact and interactive dashboard like reporting interface. Interactive management dashboard reports provides highly compact and interactive reports through a variety of visual indicators such as gauges, sliders, combo boxes, command buttons and graphs. Managers will quickly experience improved decision support and productivity through our interactive dashboard reports.